Monday, 16 September 2019

Do You Believe in Karma?

Do you believe in karma? The topic of karma was not something I had previously thought much about before I began studying Qabalah and the Tree of Life. But the more I looked into the concept of karma the more I realised that actually - for me - it made a lot of sense. I think that karma is generally considered to be a sort of punishment and therefore it can make us feel uncomfortable to think about. My understanding of karma and karmic conditions has changed, and grown, since I first began my own personal spiritual journey and although it often feels like 'tough love' I feel I would rather know what I need to pay attention to in my life, than not. I think the first myth that I had to get past was that I was being punished when my life was not going the way I wanted. I understand it now to be more like a rebalancing of the scales. It still hurts .... but at least I feel better equipped to deal with it.

When you begin studying Qabalah and the Tree of Life you start on the ground floor and get the basics under your belt first. The topic of karma is more fully explored and examined in the sphere of Geburah, which is situated in the realms of the soul on the Tree of Life.

The temptation to jump ahead on the Tree of Life must be overcome because unless you really get to grips with the teachings of Malkuth, and the area of the personality, the rest of the Tree will just keep throwing you back down to Malkuth until you really do start the process of getting your life in order and properly recognise the way you behave in the everyday world and operate as a personality.

The Order of the White Lion is a teaching site that deals with all aspects of physical and spiritual life. There is a load of information under the 'Karma' section to aid your understanding further and for those that wish to study Qabalah and the Tree of Life in more detail there is a complete series of down to earth workbooks. The workbooks begin with the sephirah Malkuth and finish with Kether. Each workbook includes meditations that take you into each of the temples. These temples can be used as connection points to help you strengthen your connection with your higher self.

Working your way up the Tree of Life will help you to raise awareness of your Self, your environment and those around you. This is how you will learn to play the game of life more effectively and transmute your karma.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Yesod - Doorway to the Subterranean Subconscious

An introduction to the sphere of Yesod on the Tree of Life and doorway to the subterranean subconscious. Emotions can catch us unaware and we can often find ourselves reacting without always fully understanding where the depth of emotion comes from. Uncontrolled emotion can be very damaging both to us and those around us. Study of this sphere can help to recognise triggers that generate negative emotional responses and find ways to rein in the power of the subconscious mind which is the governor of automatic emotional reactions.

If you would like to learn more about Yesod and the rest of the Tree of Life then take a look at our series of Practical Qabalah and Tree of Life workbooks. They are designed for beginners and available in paperback, kindle and pdf format from The Order of the White Lion website.

Malkuth - Gateway to Inner worlds and Elemental Kingdoms

Hod - Power of Thought and Conscious Mind

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Monday, 9 September 2019

What it means to study Qabalah (and the Tree of Life)

Everyone has their own perspective on what a spiritual journey means to them. The following video explains what studying Qabalah and the Tree of Life has meant to me:

Lorraine Morgan is a founder member of The Order of the White Lion and co-author of the Practical Qabalah and Tree of Life workbook series.

If you would like to find out how Qabalah and the Tree of Life can benefit you then please take a look at The Order of the White Lion website. 

Useful links:
Tree of Life
Getting started with Qabalah basics

Malkuth - Gateway to hidden dimensions

Malkuth is situated at the base of the Tree of Life and is known as the Kingdom. It is the sphere of manifestation and represents the physical and material plane. It is through the ancient oak temple of this sephirah that all the other temples and paths can be reached. It is where all journeys exploring the Tree of Life begin, and end .....

Qabalah is an ancient philosophy of life that takes you on a journey of Self Discovery. The teachings are 'mapped' out on the Tree of Life and inspire greater awareness of the bigger spiritual picture and the role everyone plays within it.

More information on Malkuth and the other sephiroth of the Tree of Life can be found by visiting The Order of the White Lion website.

A complete series of workbooks explaining how to use the Ancient Wisdom of Qabalah and Tree of Life teachings is also available in paperback, kindle and pdf format.

Through this series of workbooks The Order of the White Lion aim to inspire others to explore and activate creative energy and find productive ways to channel it for the benefit of all.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Qabalah for Everyone - podcast

**NEW - we are really excited about our new venture into podcasts. The first podcast is now available in iTunes and and is an introduction to The Order of the White Lion and talks about who we are and our aims, and how to get started exploring the magical Tree of Life. Happy listening .... 

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Friday, 26 October 2018

Down to Earth Qabalah - making it Easy

For a really good article on the Practical Qabalah, and keeping it simple and easy to use, visit The Order of the White Lion website.