Friday, 15 June 2018

A Spiritual Journey in Stages

The mystical teachings of Qabalah are mapped out on the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is like a road map and wherever you may find yourself in life - whatever the situation - you can 'map' it on the Tree. By incorporating the teachings of Qabalah you can help yourself find answers to life's challenges and discover better, more effective ways of living your life in line with the true nature of who you are, and develop creative power that can be used to help others.

The spiritual journey ascending the Tree of Life is broken down into stages:

1. Preparation (for the journey); 2. Beginning; 3. Travelling; 4. Arriving

The sphere of Malkuth represents the physical, material plane and it is through the Temple of Malkuth that the rest of the Tree of Life is accessed.

For more information on how to get started with Qabalah and the Tree of Life please visit The Order of the White Lion website. 

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