Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Soul Functions and Life Purpose

Did you know that all of us are born with special soul functions and mottos for life?  And that each of us also has a Soul name that goes with us from life to life?

There is a vital force that directs the flow of creative energy down the path of the lightning flash - as shown on the Tree of Life - to manifest on earth.  It can be looked on as both personal and cosmic and is therefore closely associated with our own individual destiny and how this plays a part in the evolutionary flow of humanity as a whole.

As we advance spiritually we have the opportunity to begin to recognise that our own unique qualities - although small by comparison - are still an intrinsic part of the overall plan.

More on how to recognise Soul Functions - and what they mean -  can be found in the Tree of Life Soul Functions workbook.

The Tree of Life is a spiritual tool and guide.  This ancient wisdom can be used in a practical way in everyday life.

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