Thursday, 25 July 2013

What Can Qabalah do for You?

What can Qabalah do for You?

Qabalah is a wealth of information that promotes a Way of Life that is: 

 Right for You

                                and in line with personal and spiritual needs.  

A life that is in tune with the natural energies of the individual and in alignment with the Spiritual Will.

This ancient wisdom helps us to see the bigger, spiritual picture and to raise ourselves beyond the level of the personality.

The personality is just a vehicle through which the soul - the mediator between the Spiritual Will and Personality Will - can complete its mission on Earth.

Qabalah can help us to become a more effective vehicle, because a personality that spends it's life trapped in unproductive cycles of behaviour, negative attitudes and damaged feelings, is of little use to the Soul.

These timeless teachings take us on a journey exploring the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

The journey is not a quick fix.  It takes a level of commitment and determination to work through and overcome the weaknesses and preconditioning of the personality.

The aim is to wake up latent talents and use the personalities' creative potential.  Everyone has a function in life, however most people are unaware of what that function is or how to perform it in everyday life. 

Qabalah helps us to view life in a completely different way and to ensure the personality is an asset to the soul and not a liability. 

Throughout the Journey we are reminded that there are no Rights or Wrongs.  It is not for us to cast Judgement on Others.  Everyone has their own journey.  Everyone has their own Karma to address, and everyone has to find their Own Spiritual Truths.   The path that may be right for You, may be Wrong for someone else.  The emphasis is on working on yourself and finding out what is Right for You.  

Life will still happen.  There are likely to be disappointments as well as times of great joy.  

This is all part of the journey.  

Gradually, as we work our way up and down the Tree of Life the times of sorrow become less acute and disappointment transforms into understanding and acceptance. 

As the Will of the Personality aligns - or marries up - with the Will of the Soul we start to see the positive results in our life. 

We begin to make choices that are more in line with who we really are and what we really need.  Our life takes on a face and shape we enjoy.

That is what the ancient wisdom of Qabalah can do for everyone.

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