Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Tree of Life - too big to pigeon-hole!

How excited would you feel if there was something easily available that could help you change your life?

Something that could help you create your ideal life?

Something that could help you accomplish your goals?

Something that will lift you when you’re feeling down and disillusioned, and help you to understand why things may happen, and how to come to terms with, and adapt to, changes that occur in your everyday life?

Well, there is something that can do all of those things, and more, and it is called the Tree of Life.

Forget labels and put aside any preconceived thoughts on spirituality, religion etc. because the Tree of Life is too big to be pigeonholed, and too useful to be dismissed as something only of interest to followers of Qabalah, Kabbalah or Cabala.

The Tree of Life is a wealth of ancient knowledge that has been passed down through the ages.  This knowledge is geared towards helping us to watch our life - to improve and expand it - and to be mindful of the fact that our choices and decisions have far-reaching implications that carry forward and influence future incarnations in a beneficial, and also challenging, way.

This information is for everyone.

It is not religious.  It is more a Way of Life, and a guide to help us create a way of life that is in accordance with the true nature of who we really are; that reveals and highlights creative potential and inspires us to develop, and use it, to live the life that is Right for Us as individuals.

The Tree of Life is there to inspire humanity to create a world of imaginative, creative and fulfilled individuals.  With each individual contributing in some way for the benefit of others.  Everyone has a part to play.  Everyone represents a piece of the great jigsaw of life.

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