Sunday, 30 July 2017

Follow your own Star

When life is not flowing it is very tempting to compare our lives with other people's but it's not very productive. The Ancient Wisdom of Qabalah helps us to discover our own star and step out of the shadow of others.  The name of the game is to follow our own star and not get caught up in the illusion that other’s peoples lives are somehow more interesting and exciting.

One of the challenges we face in this Game of Life is to be our own person, and not trip ourselves up by trying to be something we are not. 

We have to follow our own dreams and not someone else’s.  We each have our own star to follow, our own destiny and karmic conditions to fulfil.

So, we must follow the star of our own destiny - not try to emulate someone else’s.  Radiate our own light and walk our own path.

The mystical teachings of Qabalah are a revelation insomuch they challenge us to look closely at our dreams and wake us up to the truth of our real hopes and wishes, thus guiding us out of the shadow of others and onto the path that is right for us.

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