Thursday, 25 October 2012

Understanding - Binah Workbook

In Chesed we went in Search of the Truth. 

Now in Binah, we strive to Understand the Purpose of Life and the meaning of Sorrow.

The Spiritual Experience of Binah is:  A Vision of Sorrow

and yet, without Sorrow we could not fully appreciate Joy.

In this sephirah, at the top of the black pillar of Form, we explore the Principles of Sound and learn more about the dual role of the Universal Mother:

Aima - the bright, fertile Mother of Creation


Ama - the dark, sterile Mother of the Underworld

It is in Binah that we examine the Roots of our Faith and look deeper into the Four Words and extended Tree of Life.  We also discover effective techniques to Discipline and Silence the Conscious Mind so we may Listen and respond to the call of the Spiritual Mother who watches over her children.

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