Sunday, 15 September 2013

Which Spiritual Path to Choose?

With so many spiritual options to choose from, how do you know which path is right for You?

The 'Right Path' will ultimately lead to happiness, fulfilment and peace. It is the path that is naturally tailored to suit the individual, and in line with the Spiritual Will.

The Ancient Wisdom of Qabalah is one option to explore.  The teachings can help us to recognise the needs of the personality and understand the direction the soul is trying to guide us towards to fulfil the spiritual desire. 

The soul is the mediating force between the Will of the Personality and the Will of the Spirit.

Our soul wants us to live the life that is Right For Us.

The recent explosion of interest in television programmes surrounding spiritual beings and the Astral Planes has led to a growing curiosity in the spirit world and there now seems to be more acceptance that life goes on, and our journey continues despite the death of the physical body.

So, if life goes on - what happens after death?

Qabalah can help us in our search to find answers and help us to understand:

 "Why We are Hereand 'What happens to us after we physically die'

The ancient teachings of Qabalah are believed to pre-date religion and yet they embrace all faiths, traditions and beliefs, recognising the value that each has to offer. As we progress with the teachings, we peel back the layers of pre-conditioning and start to find our own Truths and focus on what 'we think' rather than adopt the thoughts of others.

Qabalah takes us far beyond the Astral realms of "Is There Anyone There"?  The teachings guide us towards the bigger, and infinitely more exciting spiritual picture. 

The teachings of Qabalah are mapped out on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The Tree is a tool that we can use in everyday life.  It is like a road map that guides us as we travel through one area of life into another. Always the emphasis with Qabalah is on walking a path that is right for you however, finding a way to get started on that path can often be the first hurdle. With so many faiths, beliefs and religions all purporting to help us on our journey it can be a little bewildering particularly to those just starting out.

The practical Qabalah offers a down to earth approach to raising spiritual awareness and initially begins by helping us to find more effective ways of managing our life and handling everyday situations, events and people. The journey starts at a very basic level and includes looking at our attitude towards money.

There are no rights or wrongs.  However many people may find themselves as slaves to money rather than being in control of this energy of the Earth Plane.

Money is our means of exchange and our ability to manage it can be one of the most difficult challenges we face.

For some though, perhaps it is not the energy of the Earth Plane that proves to be the most challenging. Perhaps instead, it is the energy of the emotional plane and getting caught up in repetitive cycles of behaviour and negative habit patterns.

The journey ascending the Tree of Life gradually takes us deeper and deeper into all the different aspects within our life and personality.  It becomes incredibly exciting to discover more about who we really are, how we think and what we want.

As the teachings progress they help us to understand the purpose of our incarnation, the process of dying as well as explain how we prepare for the next life.

The quest for spiritual enlightenment is continuous and it is easy to get distracted and lose our thread but the route mapped out on the Tree of Life provides us with a solid structure from which to work so our effort is less likely to dissipate and lose momentum. 

There is order throughout the universe; throughout the teachings, and that order can be applied very simply in a practical way in our everyday lives.

Many people when first introduced to the teachings are surprised by the simplicity of it all and impressed at how relevant and useful they are. As our awareness grows so we start to find better ways of living that work for us and approach life with fresh eyes and healthier attitudes. It is never about judgements or making yourself fit into a shape you don't want. It is about freedom of choice and educated decisions.

There is no point in trying to be something you are not. You will get exhausted with all the effort that takes, besides the Qabalah is about being something that You Are. So you don't have to try to mould yourself into a shape that simply does not fit.

We are all different. We are all at a different level of evolvement.  We each have a different agenda and take on life, and what the Qabalah does is to get us to look at all those different aspects within ourselves and understand where we need to make adjustments to improve and find happiness as a way of life. It is about being self-sufficient. Able to heal and motivate Self, and not be reliant on others or the opinions of others.

Sometimes, when it comes to looking at ourselves we can't always see the woods for the trees but the Qabalah has a wonderful way of drawing things towards us that we need to look at and then we have the choice of doing something about it, or not.

So, in answer to the earlier question: "Is there anyone there?"

Remind yourself that: Yes .......... there is.

There is a far bigger world beyond the veil of our earthly plane - watching, and waiting for humanity to recognise. Filled with energies the same as you and me, a combination of less evolved and more advanced personalities, that are continuing their journey through life, but on the other side.  On another level of existence. 

If you would like to know more about Spirit Guides;  how they can help and how you can connect, or if you would like to explore the teachings of the Qabalah and Tree of Life further then please visit either: Isis Tuition or The Order of the White Lion.

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

What Can Qabalah do for You?

What can Qabalah do for You?

Qabalah is a wealth of information that promotes a Way of Life that is: 

 Right for You

                                and in line with personal and spiritual needs.  

A life that is in tune with the natural energies of the individual and in alignment with the Spiritual Will.

This ancient wisdom helps us to see the bigger, spiritual picture and to raise ourselves beyond the level of the personality.

The personality is just a vehicle through which the soul - the mediator between the Spiritual Will and Personality Will - can complete its mission on Earth.

Qabalah can help us to become a more effective vehicle, because a personality that spends it's life trapped in unproductive cycles of behaviour, negative attitudes and damaged feelings, is of little use to the Soul.

These timeless teachings take us on a journey exploring the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

The journey is not a quick fix.  It takes a level of commitment and determination to work through and overcome the weaknesses and preconditioning of the personality.

The aim is to wake up latent talents and use the personalities' creative potential.  Everyone has a function in life, however most people are unaware of what that function is or how to perform it in everyday life. 

Qabalah helps us to view life in a completely different way and to ensure the personality is an asset to the soul and not a liability. 

Throughout the Journey we are reminded that there are no Rights or Wrongs.  It is not for us to cast Judgement on Others.  Everyone has their own journey.  Everyone has their own Karma to address, and everyone has to find their Own Spiritual Truths.   The path that may be right for You, may be Wrong for someone else.  The emphasis is on working on yourself and finding out what is Right for You.  

Life will still happen.  There are likely to be disappointments as well as times of great joy.  

This is all part of the journey.  

Gradually, as we work our way up and down the Tree of Life the times of sorrow become less acute and disappointment transforms into understanding and acceptance. 

As the Will of the Personality aligns - or marries up - with the Will of the Soul we start to see the positive results in our life. 

We begin to make choices that are more in line with who we really are and what we really need.  Our life takes on a face and shape we enjoy.

That is what the ancient wisdom of Qabalah can do for everyone.

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