Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Shepherd or Sheep?

The ancient teachings of Qabalah can help us to take command of our life rather than be led and controlled by others.  

With the Tree of Life to guide us, the journey begins on the ground floor in Malkuth - the sephirah of the Earth Plane.  

It is here that we explore what we want, what we need and - with our feet firmly on the ground - learn how to manipulate the energy of the physical plane, to be the Shepherd - not the sheep - Master and Manager of our own Life. 

For more information on the Tree of Life and Practical Qabalah - please visit The Order of the White Lion website or Isis Qabalah Tuition

Practical, down to earth workbooks also available from The Order of the White Lion

Qabalah workbook exploring Malkuth - Kingdom of the Physical / Earth Plane

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